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Jerry Bennett

Hi, My name is Jerry Bennett, and MVD Movers did my move yesterday. Moving was on my itinerary, unfortunately, and I had a crazy amount of belongings to lug from Falls Church to Arlington. My parents persuaded me into hiring a moving company, which I was so opposed to, but realized I had no choice. Arlington VA Movers came to my rescue, literally. Their price was the cheapest I found and their services were exquisite. I actually had a great time with the crew, they were so hilarious!!! We even took a break and I ordered and treated them to lunch, it was well earned. They moved quick and efficiently, was there a scratch on anything? NO. Did anything get damaged? NO..it was great and the move took less than 6 hours!! I thank my parents everyday for convincing me to hire these people.

Ralph Morton, Business owner.

Good day, I wanted to thank you for handling my recent office move. Your movers arrived when you said they would, took great care in wrapping my computer equipment and office machines and carried out the move in a most professional and cost efficient manner. I would be pleased to recommend your company, Thank you, MVD Movers for offering a great service on such short notice! Your movers showed up at my office promptly and carefully moved everything up in no time. I will definitely recommend your company to others and intend to call you the next time I move.

Fernando Velasquez, owner of FCI corp.

Thank you MVD Movers for all of your help in coordinating my recent OFFICE move in Arlington VA. The entire staff at MVD Movers was courteous, knowledgeable, and most importantly fair and honest about the cost of the move and time frame necessary for delivery right from the free estimate to the end. My company moved several times, and after this experience, I would not consider going to anyone else for moving services. Anyone considering hassle free moving, should look no further than Arlington VA Movers.

Carl Simmons, Job #756609

MVD Movers was recommended by a friend who had used them before. When we needed to make a last-minute change to the start time we were accommodated without a word of complaint. Our daughter was moving into her own apartment and didn't have much stuff but did have a few large items which were easily moved out of our place but had to go up a *very* narrow & winding staircase (in freezing weather!) on the other end - no complaints from the guys, just careful and professional service. The price was exactly as agreed upon. I got a call from the owner during and after the move to make sure I was happy, and I was. We will definitely use MVD Movers again. Thank you.

MVD Movers
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